The Carcase Traits GEBVs produced by Genesure are calculated from a combination of information from Limousin DNA and VIA (visual image analysis) records provided by selected ABP abattoirs.    They enable breeding animals to be selected on the basis of their genetic potential for a range of high-value carcase cuts.  

ABP VIA Payment:
ABP are pleased to announce the introduction of VIA (Visual Image Analysis - automated classification) which was successfully pioneered in both Scotland and Northern Ireland delivering greater transparency and consistency in Cattle Grading for producers.
The introduction of VIA now enables ABP to introduce a new improved 15 point grid which more accurately reflects the retail value of carcase meat.  


For example: The R+ will now have a premium of 5p/kg.  One of the clear signals from the market and customers is that they require primals, joints and steaks supplied from lighter carcases which will satisfy ever changing consumer demands. As and from 10 November 2015 ABP will be using the 15 point grid to pay their farmers.   ABP will also continue to “Pay on the Day” for cattle and sheep processed across all ABP sites. For enquiries please contact your local ABP Livestock Office or visit our website at 


What is VIA?
Video Image Analysis (VIA) incorporates the use of camera and computer software to accurately evaluate the grade of beef carcases in an abattoir. The machine takes a picture of the side of the carcase and then analyses this in a number of ways, highlighting elements such as fat class, conformation and meat yield by carcase and by primal cut. Therefore, in the long term, producers could be paid on the relative value of each component part of the carcase. The use of VIA not only eliminates the potential for inconsistency and human error, but it also creates a permanent record of each carcase and how it is graded, allowing the results to be relayed to the producer along with the other grading information.